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What is an inversion table?

Inversion table is a specially designed exercise training instrument that can be used at gym as well as in our home. Inversion tables can also be incorporated as the specially designed fitness instrument that will take care of your back ache and shoulder bruise comprehensively without making you to eat painkillers.

Inversion tables are the instrument which can be inverted at any possible angle including the total 180 degree inverted position, which makes a comprehensive effect on lower back pains reducing them to almost negligible level. Being an instrument of upright position, mounted on a steel frame or any other kind of durable metal frame which is able to be inverted at any possible angle including your body. You can safely strap or hook up yourself into the inversion table and as the instrument makes to an inverted position, you will be able to feel de-stressing action on your lower back comprehensively reducing the muscle bruises.

According to Inversion Table Life, The main functionality of an inversion table is being procured as a satisfactory instrument, which can have the effect of reducing back pains and muscle bruises on your lower back portion. Using the gravitational pull as the traction effort while your upper body is completely suspended from the lower portion, the inversion  tables decompresses the spherical spinal cord joints which in turn reduces the pain.

Inversion table was first introduced as an instrument which will give you a harder core area as you will be able to do some extensive workouts for your abdominal portion. But then the profound advantage over back aches was found that can be gained using an inversion table, and that is when these inversion tables gain most of the popularity. Every time you try to walk on bare foot, the gravitation effect of the earth takes a heavy toll on your spinal cord joints. Decompressing these disc shaped spinal cord joints can be one way of getting rid of the lower back pains. The same is done by the inversion tables but in a different manner.

As you suspend your upper body portion from the lower, strapping yourself up with the inversion table and getting into an inverted position, the gravitation pull will effect on the lower back position as traction effort. This inverted position induces the gravitational traction upon the spinal cord disc joints and decompresses them, relieving you from severe back pain. Inverted tables are now being used almost every gym and by some individuals also, but still some question about the effects of inversion table over back pain.