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Vlogging Tips

When you start out on the journey of vlogging you will not have a large crew supporting you from behind the curtains. From the lighting to the camera angles, pre-scripting to post-editing – you are responsible for all of it. Vlogging is largely a one-man adventure and you must take responsibility for everything from editing, lighting to filming.

Here are four tips to help you along the way.

Equipment Matters

You actually do not need top end cinema kind of cameras. What you do need however is a camera that will provide decent quality in varying light conditions. Usually, DSLRs are ideal for cinematography and if you are on a budget then look for one that is priced as per your liking and yet offers DSLR quality.

Maintain Distance

How much distance is the right distance when filming yourself. Space is vital when you go solo filming. The right amount of space will allow you to roam around freely and give the audience enough of a glimpse of the background so they don’t get fixated on your face alone. Usually 3 feet away is the perfect distance for vlogging without compromising on audio quality.

Remember Lighting

Lighting is not always available and you must try to always film in good light conditions. To do this you can use soft boxes and keep them away from your camera with 60w bulbs. This provides a little background light and some amount of natural light to seep through too.

Right Angles

What is the perfect angle to film your solo vlogs? Is it at eye level, from afar or up close? There are so many of these questions that each vlogger is faced with but at the end of the day it boils down to what fits you the best. Experiment with different angles and see which one’s make you look good.