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Posted by on Sep 15, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

Vlogger’s Face Risks At All Times


As a vlogger you may be the kind that sits at home and records off a video camera on a fixed stand or you could be the adventurous type that travels the globe, rides bikes and scales dangerous mountains. The risks associated with vlogging follow you no matter where you go. Here’s a brief glimpse at the risks you run as a vlogger.

Hurting Other’s Sentiments

Yup, believe it or not, your own fans can turn against you because of what you believe. Now that you are public property, what you say can actually come back to bite you. Know your audience and speak accordingly. It is always better to plan things out and have a second opinion before you post anything online.

Equipment Damage & Theft

Your camera got soaked in the rain and no longer works! The airlines lost your baggage or maybe it got stolen while boarding a bus. The possibilities are endless and having protection against theft or damage of your equipment will let you replenish them instantly without any cost.

Personal Injury

If you ride bikes, climb mountains or trek across the globe then you are at risk from personal injury. Considering how you have made vlogging your life, you may want to protect your income and yourself from the dangers of personal injury.

Plagiarism & Copyright Infringement

You won’t be aware when you have stepped over copyrights or plagiarized someone’s content until it is too late. These initially can simply be warnings but repeat offences can lead to your channel going down or worse, a court notice served at your doorstep!

How will you protect against these risks and many more? The best solution is to take a holistic insurance cover that can be utilized at any time. One Sure Insurance suggests taking out a general insurance cover for freelancers and then adding clauses or specific riders to ensure against additional complications. Approach a few companies to compare their freelancer policies to find the best among them.

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