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Vlog Cameras


Choosing a camcorder or camera for vlogging can be difficult. There are plenty of brands, features and choices that can manipulate your decision every second. The reason this can become daunting is because you really do need a camcorder to become a vlogger and to be a good vlogger your equipment matters. See, how easily the pressure mounts from the start? Well forget all worries and go with the following cameras depending on what your requirement is.

Panasonic HC-V770K Full HD

According to Sarah Palin, this model is Best for beginners, it is the jack-of-all-trades and is easy to use too. Plenty of great features and settings you can easily upload files from the camcorder onto the internet.


Plenty of different models to choose from, GoPro is the ideal choice for adventuring vloggers. Loads of attachment options, waterproof casings and its compact size make these cameras excellent adventure pro cams.

Zoom Q8 Handy

Considered ideal for musicians, this camera records HD video but has an amazing audio recorder. It uses two condenser microphones on top that are arranged for an X/Y pattern thus giving proper stereo recording.