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Making Money

Uploading a video is no big deal today. Kids are doing it so why can’t you. But making money from vlogging is an entirely different thing. If you got into vlogging because you believed there was a lot of money to be earned then you were sorely mistaken.

Yes, the income can be substantial from your vlogging exploits but only if you have a huge number of followers and are in a niche that automatically garners eyeballs on social media. The first criteria however must be fulfilled – large number of followers.

See, to upload a video on YouTube you make an account, sign-up for their program and upload your video. Either YouTube shows advertisements before your video loads or you use Google Adsense to generate income. Regardless, it matters on how many eyeballs you can attract. This alone determines your money making potential.

We actually worked with to establish a base for them to vlog to generate extra revenue through vlogging to a wide, targeted audience. As a website writing about kitchen appliance reviews, they had an audienec that was actively involved in reading their reviews from juicers, food procesors and toaster ovens – among many others. By implementing a vlogging campaign, we were able to work with them to develop a brand reputation for themselves on YouTube and other platforms like Vimeo; and then engage with their visitors to create a strong following.

You can even go into things like shipping products through your vlog efforts. If you are talking about products there are two ways to make money from this, one is to use an affiliate program where you gain a commission for promoting other people’s products. The other is to sell the stuff yourself and keep 100% of the profit. However if you’re going for the latter, you will likely need a storage solution, see for more information on storage options.

This is why, it is always better to vlog when you have something to talk on because you are either passionate about it or because you always wanted to do the said thing. That ways you can continue vlogging irrespective of the money coming in and before you know it, the sheer number of videos you post online would have made you famous enough to at least support your vlogging channel.

What To Do

  • First and foremost, forget about money.
  • Next, only concentrate on the subject matter at hand in your chosen niche. Do no stray away from your niche. If you do, then create a new channel for that.
  • Be active on social media and interact as much as you can to get viewers.
  • Always upload regularly to YouTube and other places in order to keep your image alive in people’s minds.
  • Finally, don’t get disheartened with long periods of low income. It only takes a spark to get going in the world of vlogging.