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Blog or Vlog?


To generate traffic and thus earn money there are two strategies online, both equally powerful and costly too – Blogging and Vlogging

While the first is about writing stuff and publishing the second is all about making videos. Each has its advantages and disadvantages but it also depends on what you are comfortable with or can do best.


Blogging is basically writing articles on some topic. You can think of it as your personal diary except it is online. You can publish your thoughts daily, monthly or whenever you feel like.

The Pros

Now the best part about blogging is the amount of traffic you can generate regardless of the niche. Monetizing this traffic is just as easy. Moreover, because the costs of maintaining a blogsite is substantially low on a monthly basis, it really does not eat much out of your pocket.

The Cons

Unfortunately, blogging can be time consuming and has inherent costs. If you decide not to use free platforms then you have to pay for hosting and domain. Moreover, you need to learn SEO just to divert the necessary traffic to your website. Then you have to be careful not to accidentally apply black hat techniques that can get your entire website blocked!

Plus, setting up a decent blog requires a lot of preparation, time and what not.

At the end of the day, it does take time and effort but is actually not hard for a newbie. If you are a passionate writer then this is the best platform for you.


Basically, the same as blogging except here you speak rather than write. So it is a video blog that goes online like diaries but only visually.

The Pros

Starting a video channel is easy and free! There are plenty of websites offering you the chance to build your own channel. Prime among them are YouTube and Vimeo. The need for SEO knowledge is minimal and you can do very well with just the basics. And finally, because not everyone is into making good quality videos, there is a market opportunity here for those meticulous few who want things to be perfect even when recording.

The Cons

Unfortunately, you must make your videos and that can be difficult as it requires cameras plus editing software. Neither come cheap. Moreover, if you have issues standing in front of a camera and speaking for hours then this fear can be crippling.

Another issue is that while you can host videos on Vimeo, YouTube and the likes for free, they have regulations you must adhere with. In the event you cross the line, your channel will go down.

Moreover, the traffic you get from vlogging is high but it is difficult to monetize. Only on YouTube can you make revenue from advertising by becoming a partner but this is not available to all countries as of yet.